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After being informed of our..two year old mistake of having too much XP in BvB, we have taken the time to fix it.

BvB now has an experience timer. Your experience will be decreased depending on how fast your game completes.
    0-29 seconds will reward 0 xp at all times.
    30-59 seconds will reward 10% xp.
    60-89 seconds will reward 20% xp.
    90-119 seconds will reward 30% xp.
    120-149 seconds will reward 40% xp.
    150-179 seconds will reward 50% xp.
    180-209 seconds will reward 60% xp.
    210-239 seconds will reward 70% xp.
    240-269 seconds will reward 80% xp.
    270-299 seconds will reward 90% xp
    300 (five minutes) or higher seconds will reward the full 100% xp. .

BvB XP is otherwise unaffected.

PvP XP has been increased by 2.5x. This should make PvP a viable option to level compared to sector, but does not offer boxes or gear.

In addition to these changes, PvP/BvB now give Gigas equal to 5x the XP you earn.

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