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In-Game Rules of Conduct
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In-Game Rules of Conduct

BOTS!! Security
1. No account sharing/trading/selling.
    Sharing of or thereof trading accounts is off limits and will be followed with correct actions/consequences. Think of your account as your identity, don't ever sell it or share it.

2. No staff impersonation.
    Staff impersonation is under BOTS!! Security because staff members will NEVER ask for details or claim to be an "undercover" staff member on a non-staff account. If this happens, immediately report the player.

BOTS!! Honor & Integrity
1. No hacking/hack leeching/hiddenware/proxies
    Hacking and Hack Leeching fall under the honor category and is in no way acceptable here at Zylon Gaming. Strict rules like this are set in order to keep the community a fair and cheat free environment. The same goes for Hiddenware, regardless of whether or not it effects your gaming experience editing the client in anyway is against the rules.

2. No glitching.
    Glitching falls under BOTS!! Honor because it's quite possible to gain an advantage in PvP, PvM, and BvB scenarios which could in turn take away the competitive aspect of BOTS!!.

3. No abusing bugs.
    During your adventure you may come across some minor or major bugs, please report these immediately via the forums so the Developers can work on fixing them. NOTE: During the Closed and Open Beta there may be a plethora of Bugs you come across, please keep this in mind as the game is in early development. Please report Bugs you find here

4. No real world trading.
    Real world trading defeats the purpose of the game and creates an unfair advantage to the rest of the community. Please keep in mind this is a form of cheating and isn't at all acceptable.

5. No scamming.
    Scamming is a serious offense and will not be taken lightly, cheating another player of his or her's hard earned items ruins their gaming experience and only creates a haven for such.

6. No multi-clienting
    Multi-clienting falls under Honor & Integrity because this takes away from the emphasis and personal achievement of your accounts level. This is a type of cheating and is not acceptable regardless of who you are.

7. No advertising.
    Zylon Gaming takes pride in it's work, please do not advertise other games via the forums or in game. This takes away from the fun factor and puts users at risk if the other community/game is infected.

8. No flaming or harassing of another player of any sort.
    Getting aggravated at the game or another player is acceptable, but insulting, flaming, and or harassing the individual in any way is against the rules and won't be taken lightly. Please respect all members of the community.

9. No spamming ingame, of any kind.
    Getting your point across in game may be important, but spamming will only reward you with a mute. Please respect those that are trying to communicate with others by giving them a chance to do so.

10. Threatening a staff member with serious intentions will result in an IP ban -- no exceptions.
    Straight forward as it gets, please do not threaten staff members as they are here to better the community. If you have something you'd like to say in a civil manner, feel free to contact them personally. But blatantly threatening them in any way will result with an IP ban.
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In-Game Rules of Conduct
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