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Multiple Suggestions

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The suggestions that i am going to list might of already been suggested, known of or already been considered.
This is becasue i am not up to date sorry.

1). Pay thorugh mobile as a payment method

2). Events like in bout cheetah, races and modified maps just for races: the level 60 map is a good example,
the boxes on it are right on the edge and it requires some skill to get on the other side,
the maps should also have diagonal jumps.

3). Add a market/shop in the game, a section or a button
(Possibly the box with the surge on it saying "Advertisement")
which leads you to a list of lots of players selling items.
You can then click on any of the items and it will tell you more information and stuff about them.

4). Add a bid auction section where people add their item and people bid until someone wins
(maybe that could be in the personal shop section)

5). I don't know if this is hard for you guys to make but if its possible expand the game with new items.
But not the kind of updates that are made in bout cheetah with reskins of lower level items/maps.
That is just lame and really boring. I wish for something new and creative (unique parts).

6). Rather than just examining a player and see his preview and level you could see his profile:
add more information about him like when he joined, how many bots he killed in total, death etc.. some extra stuff

7). Why isn't the latest season 11 released? where there is +5 +4 by combing items, light blue, purple and pink boxes etc..

8. Add packs like the health packs that drop on the floor which give you speed/damage for a limited amount of time.

9). To encourage people reporting hackers reward them with a decent prize for every hacker that is banned because of their report.

10).Replace the network speed indicator with numerical figures that represent the ping e.g 25 rather than the green, amber, red and R screen.

11). Change the game chat: when you select to talk to the guild it only shows the guild's messages. The chat is also slow and buggy.

12). Add voice chat in-game. Make it able to mute people, talk to the room, talk to only your clan, only hear the people on your guild, private open a voice chat coversation with a friend or hear everyone, your clan, friends and room but only talk to your room etc... So somewhere you can place a button where if its clicked on it will open 2 tables with tick boxes allowing you to choose who can hear you and who you want to hear.

13). Many small things need to be changed such as: requesting a friendship makes you wait 20 seconds until they accept.... why not send them the friend request and it pops up when they have come back to their computer or be able send friend requests even when they are offline and they can accept it when they come online.

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jar o thc

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these are great suggestions, also i would like to see some change to keep me occupied Smile
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Multiple Suggestions
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