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Minor Bugfixes/Changes (8/14/2020)
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1. Closed slots appeared to be open still when joining a room with closed slots.
2. 2x message always appeared even when 2x was not on. Now it only shows during 2x exp and gigas on the weekends.
3. Website used to be a separate login when you wanted to use the forum. Now it's all using one login/logout function.
4. Upgraded the website to the latest version of PHP which should have some nice speed benefits.
5. Times up ended randomly with 10+ seconds left on the clock in every map. Now it ends on 0 seconds.
6. Level 98 had an incorrect time limit set which caused the map to end a few minutes sooner than expected.
7. Coin purchases are automatically added to your account instead of having to re-login to access them.
8. Expelling a member from a guild did not update their guild status if the person expelled was online and requires them to re-login in order to join a new guild.
9. Added a check to make sure someone can't force you to become a friend without your approval.
10. Added anti spam to the forum which requires you to have logged into the game in order to post.
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Minor Bugfixes/Changes (8/14/2020)
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