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Patch Notes - May 17th 2012
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    1.) Bosses now drop 1 rebirth, just as BOTS did.
    2.) Elkern's and Item Box's now drops HPs, RBs, Stuns, Bombs, and Recharges at the same rate as BOTS did.
    3.) The teams must have an even amount of players now on both teams in team pvp and base.
    4.) In PvP, we removed the maps: Neo-Data-Cross, New-Transistor-Valley, and New-Core-Dump.
    5.) In PvP, we added the maps: Data-Cross, Transistor-Valley, and Core-Dump.
    6.) The points system on the stat screen is exactly the same as BOTS was now.
    7.) The Exp for PvP and Base now uses the points from the stat screen to calculate the amount of Exp given.
    8.) PvP and Base now gives guild points. The amount given is exactly half of the exp given.
    9.) Custom message boxes have been added back to the game, to help the user better understand why something isnt working, such as a gift box full when sending a gift.

Bug Fixes:

    1.) If monsters were killed after the game was over, they did not drop anything if they were supposed to.
    2.) Killing the gates in map 45 / 68 would not log that as a kill to whoever killed it.
    3.) Player text showed in the shop for every player that talked in the lobby, instead of just staff that has global permissions.
    4.) Room passwords now have a max of 8 characters.
    5.) The block bot name function now only allows 14 characters to be entered in the bot name text box.
    6.) The change password room disconnection that showed room ready 5 4 3 2 1 kick as soon as a player changed the password.
    7.) Entering an invalid bot name into the block bot name list caused a disconnection error.

Please remember to keep reporting bugs like these, as it is very helpful.

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Patch Notes - May 17th 2012
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