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Greetings once again!

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For those of you here, from the early Acclaim days, will remember me and my very force associates, which caused the downfall of Acclaim BOTS.

I am I FatHobo I, from the old game cheating website, GameCheetah. I've decided to come back and play this game, without cheating I should add, and get back that nostalgic, 14 year old feeling. As such, and out of a turn for the best since some 3-4 years ago, I will be playing the game legit, and re-learning everything there is to learn about BOTS, and how it changed over the years.

Now for story telling; Who am I, and what did I do to BOTS?

Well... Myself, and two other hackers named El3o and Zirak, found an exploit in the BOTS login using a packet editor. We tested this on each other and confirmed that it worked. Zirak made the trainer, El3o made the bypass, and I simply inputted my methods into the trainer to allow things to work. In the space of 4 months, we inadvertently destroyed the game as we knew it. Zirak went and released the trainer publically, but we were all responsible. The exploit allowed us to break into any account we wanted without a password. With most users back then running the same username as their IGN, we were breaking into account 7/10 times.

Shortly after that, we managed to find an exploit to trade coins. We didn't want this to go public so we kept it on the down-low. It took one user to see what we were doing, replicate it, and then publicize it. As a result, Acclaim turned off the trading feature for a very large amount of time. It was too late though, since the damage was done. After a month long battle with attempting to patch the exploits, they were being hit with lawsuits, and didn't have the funds to keep themselves afloat.

As such, the story of Acclaim Games came to an end.

For what it's worth, I now look back at it and sincerely apologize. I know it's not worth a lot, but I was young, naive, and wanted to cause havoc. I'm much older now, and see how stupid that was, but I can't undo what's done.

So let's forget about it, go back into BOTS, and run some Sector-95's.

I'll be using the name; "PowerFisted". Razz
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Greetings once again!
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