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I am south korean user of bout cheeta, the user name 'scholar' and character name 'Road Kill'.
As I do, I`m login and play your company`s game. Because I was played this game when I was kid. (I mean, when this game was service in korea)
Anyway, I don`t get why my ID got a bug.
As you know, the program wil search bug user and ban from the game. but, I swaer I didn`t use bug on game.

I`ll tell you what did I done before banned.

1. Login and play game whit my sister (She also plays bout cheeta. and while I kill mob, she outlog because of force of program gleench)
2. Go to shop, I buy and switch skill pack and trans pack. of course I buy lucky ora.
3. I`m hang around other user`s room. for play with or helping them to level up for less than my level. (I`m was Lv.215.)
4. After I hang around, go to robby and start quick play. and I got a manager of 10th room. because there was no room I can join.
5. Then, I choose Gora`s Requiem and Play with other guys. And then, it happens.
6. After enter the map, It clear in few second.

and I banned.

If you read this post, Please recheck about this situations.

And... do you know how to posting pic on this post? It will be help in this situation...

Thanks to read this.

From. scholar (Road Kill)
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By any chance have you ever played with a hacker or multi logged or anything like that? It could be the cause that no one has actually banned you but your account has been auto banned for certain reasons...

No one in the game has the permission to ban anyone without a reason behind it. Not even allie herself would do such a think. I can get allie to take a look into this for you as I have noticed she hasn't seen this post.

Leave it with me.


GM Blade
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