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Uhm, hi?

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So yeah... I don't really know what to say here, I played this game from 2006 until the day it well, died.
I don't even know if there is anyone out here that knew me back then (this ID is not my old name), or if there is even anyone here at all, this kinda seems like a ghost town... I was in Evolution, Deadly_Arsenal, Sanctuary, and a lot more other guilds; I remember some really cool people I used to hang out and play with, Dark_4EvErZ, Nitex, Corrupterbot, Optimism, TokXilChaoZ, jrharbort, and so much more. Don't know if all that rings any bells around here.
Hell I haven't even tried if the game actually works yet, so yeah I shouldn't be babbling on about too much.

This.. was my childhood's favorite game, and I really miss it. I'd be really happy if all this isn't a lie. Looking at this site gave me such a nostalgia shot.
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Uhm, hi?
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